In Case You Missed It, Decatur Justice Coalition’s Equity Forum Recording

On Monday, October 25th, the Decatur Justice Coalition (DJC) hosted an Equity forum where attendees heard directly from the candidates about their records and positions on equity in our school system.
All candidates currently running for election in the city were in attendance – Carmen Sulton, Dan Baskerville, Hans Utz, Jana Johnson-Davis, Katie Bell, Kelly Walsh, and Patti Garrett.

The first part of the forum was devoted to questions from the DJC’s member organizations, and the second part was open to questions from the audience (in-person and virtual).

Watch the full recording.

The Decatur Justice Coalition (DJC) is a collection of students, educators, parents, residents, and community organizations whose mission is to unite the community behind principles of justice and equity and hold our city’s leaders accountable for working towards institutional change. The DJC is comprised of representatives from the Beacon Hill Black Alliance, the Anti-Racist Coalition for Decatur, the Student Coalition for Equity, the CSD Black Parents Alliance, and the CSD Special Education PTA.

For more information, please visit this link. View more information about the Decatur Justice Coalition through their website and op-ed to Decaturish.

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