Governor’s Honors Program for Decatur High School 10th/11th Graders

The Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) is a four-week residential summer program (mid-June through mid-July) for gifted and talented high school students who will be rising juniors and seniors during the program. The program offers instruction that is significantly different from the typical high school classroom and that is designed to provide students with academic, cultural, and social enrichment opportunities necessary to become the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders. Students attend classes in the mornings and afternoons in specific areas of study, and they participate in a wide variety of social and instructional opportunities every evening.  

GHP is housed on the Berry College campus in Rome, GA, and students live in college dorms during the program. The program itself is FREE. Meals and rooms are also provided for free by the program. Students and their families are responsible only for travel to and from the campus, basic supplies, and optional spending money.

Nomination areas include: 

Agricultural Research, Biotechnology, and Science; Communicative Arts; Dance; Engineering (Mechanical Design, Mechanical and Electronic, and Computer and Software Engineering); Mathematics; Music (Instrumental and Vocal); Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics); Social Studies; Theater; Visual Arts; and World Languages (Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish)

If you are interested in participating in this competitive process to seek a nomination to the state-level of competition for the Governor’s Honors Program, please complete [THIS FORM] by TUESDAY, 9/28/21. All students who are self-nominated or teacher-nominated will receive an invitation to an informational meeting on Wednesday, 10/6/21, along with an opportunity to ask questions. Next steps regarding the selection process will be explained after that point. 

Thank you, 

Eleta Andrews, DHS GHP Coordinator,

Christen Gibbons, Director of Instructional Programs,

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