Black Males Needed at Meharry Medical College

Black Males Needed at Meharry Medical College-a message shared from Dr. Glenda Glover, President of TSU and her Community Affairs Liaison, Mrs. Barbara Murrell.

There is a program between TSU and MMC where the student attends TSU 3 years, then on to Meharry, finishing with an MD or DDS in 7 years instead of the traditional 8. They have enough females already signed up for the program, but are severely lacking Black males. If you know of any Black male high school seniors who aspire to be a physician or dentist, have an ACT of 28 and a GPA of 3.5, there may be A FREE RIDE available for them at TSU. 

Prospective candidates should email ASAP for more information, and from there President Glover and Mrs. Murrell will receive the information.


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